Afternoons are for Apple Cake

My grandmother, like most grandmothers has been baking apple pie for me since I got my first tooth. There’s something magical about the combination of apple, cinnamon and sugar. Even as I write about it I can smell and taste all the flavors coming together. As a last hurrah to the beautiful Belgian autumn I decided to put a spin on the traditional apple pie and make a cake. It has a rustic shell that reminds me of the brightly colored leaves of fall. This cake pairs wonderfully with afternoon tea and a cozy armchair. For a little more crunch I added some hazelnuts. I imagine this cake would be the perfect end to a meal when served with some salted caramel ice cream. I’m going to try that when October rolls around. If you want something sweet and you’re taking a break from chocolate and sugary frostings, this is what you’re looking for.

Rustic Apple Cake with Hazelnuts


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